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May the force live long and prosper.

During the student council elections this previous year, there was a campaign poster at my school with the picture of a candidate flashing the Vulcan salute, and under the picture read “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”.

I still don’t know if it was done in irony. It was taken down shortly after I first saw it, so that makes me think that someone who cared must have tried to shield her from the shame she’d caused herself.

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geek confessions I

I like Wolverine the most out of any of the X-men not because he’s the coolest, but because he’s Canadian and I can relate to that.
I can’t stand math, physics and science.
I want my friends to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, but when I introduced them to it I just thought “Oh god, what have I done?”
I hate Homestuck.
a conversation about Torchwood and Doctor Who was probably the longest conversation I’v had with my sister in years
I hated the Hunger Games books. Good concept, incredibly poor execution.
There are days when I hate the people around me because they are boring and do not understand what I do. I’d rather be online all day.
I feel bad because i’m not a huge fan of River Song or Amy Pond. (River was amazing when she first appeared, but as time progressed, she just got on my nerves. I guess that’s the point if her story arc, but still) i’ve TRIED to love them, but I just, can’t.
I have never watched Star Trek and probably not going to. Also I have never watched Stargate. And I’m not a fan of comic books.

The entire time I was reading the hunger games, all I could think was that they’re a watered down version of 1984 and I was really disappointed.
English not being my mother tongue, it actually bothers me I have no idea how all these Pokémon are called in English.
I’m a Whovian who’s never watched Star Trek, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings films or read the books.
I’m obsessed with zeppelins and alternate realities, and I get way too excited when they get mixed together (tv shows, movies, books).
I think that River Song is a very unnecessary character and she’s not as much a badass as most people would like to say she is.
I’ve turned my friend into a Whovian, so I have a reason why I always tell her stuff about Doctor Who.

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