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Closet Whovianism

When you’ve just watched Journey’s End/The Waters of Mars/The End of Time and have to keep making up excuses about why you’re crying because you’re parents think the show’s ridiculous.

(Geek problem submitted by paganfangirlofoz)

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geek confessions IV

  • I am extremely embarrassed to talk about anything geeky in real life.
  • I hate that the Doctor got married. I know he has been in the past but 11 always seemed asexual and that’s why I loved him. Le sigh.
  • I love to watch anime and play video games but I don’t do either as much as I feel like a should to be considered a fan.
  • NASA let people submit their names and nationality on to a list, which will be then etched on a microchip that the Curiosity rover will take to Mars. I signed up and my geek mind was blown to pieces by this, but my friends and family couldn’t care less.
  • I actually like Twilight. And I find it very dumb when people compare it to Harry Potter, cause the storylines are completely different.

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geek confessions III

  • My dad and friend got into an argument the last time she stayed over about who was the best Doctor. My friend says 10. My dad says 4. I say 9, though I like their opinions equally and I don’t know who’s side to take. OTL
  • I’m a die hard Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, but I have to hide the fact that I love Twilight just so people won’t judge me.
  • People come to me when they need to find something in the library.
  • I really don’t like when everybody hates on Moffat. I mean, I like RTD’s episodes better, but to hate on Moffat like some people do is just childish.
  • I’d rather sit in my room and watch old vlogbrothers videos than talk to almost anyone at my school
  •  I started seriously playing video games to become closer to my boyfriend. Now it’s just as important to me as it is to him.
  • I had a crush on Sonic’s sidekick, Tails, when I was little. I think it’s strongly effected my taste in men.
  •  I love The Hunger Games, but it should have stayed as a singular book. Catching Fire was okay, but I hated Mockingjay. I get it’s a war, but in the end I couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about ANYONE.

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geek confessions II

  • OhayoCon is currently my favourite anime con, simply because of the people I meet there. I’m from Canada and I make it a point to try and save money to go to this con every year. I’m already planning my cosplay for next year.
  • I’ve never been interested in reading the Harry Potter books
  • Admitting I like MLP to my parents was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do… Other then what came after, which was explaining to them what clopping was when my mom was looking up pictures of Pinkie Pie. It was awkward.
  • I am very bad at action games
  • I feel like I am hounded by friends and family because I haven’t read, nor do I care to read The Hunger Games.
  • I don’t like what Moffat has done with Doctor Who. It feels like I’m watching a different show.
  • I want there to be an episode of Doctor Who that takes place in Canada

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Geek problem submitted by anonymous

Geek problem submitted by anonymous

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That moment when you spent all weekend reading four different Shakespeare plays and now have an eye twitch from reading too long.

(Geek Problem submitted by Nerdery)

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Can remember the geography of every RPG or other games that consists of extensive mapping, yet barely know the layout of the city or state you live in.

(Geek problem submitted by ohmylanna)

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