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Geek Problem #248

It makes me really mad when people say they love something only because they find an actor attractive.
One of my friends constantly claims to love the Avengers because of Loki; she has not seen the movie, she has not read the comics, and she doesn’t even know anything about him from the canonical Norse myths. She really only finds Hiddleston attractive and it aggravates me.

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asparagusandkumquats’ geek problem

Someone mentions something about a fandom you’re in and you excitedly try to talk to them about it, but then they tell you they’ve seen one show/read part of a book. 

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May the force live long and prosper.

During the student council elections this previous year, there was a campaign poster at my school with the picture of a candidate flashing the Vulcan salute, and under the picture read “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”.

I still don’t know if it was done in irony. It was taken down shortly after I first saw it, so that makes me think that someone who cared must have tried to shield her from the shame she’d caused herself.

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Geek problem submitted by anonymous.

Geek problem submitted by anonymous.

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Whenever i show my friends/family youtube videos like  ”TNT”, “this is aperture”, or “revenge”. they don’t understand just how amazing and funny they are.

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geek confessions III

  • My dad and friend got into an argument the last time she stayed over about who was the best Doctor. My friend says 10. My dad says 4. I say 9, though I like their opinions equally and I don’t know who’s side to take. OTL
  • I’m a die hard Star Wars and Harry Potter fan, but I have to hide the fact that I love Twilight just so people won’t judge me.
  • People come to me when they need to find something in the library.
  • I really don’t like when everybody hates on Moffat. I mean, I like RTD’s episodes better, but to hate on Moffat like some people do is just childish.
  • I’d rather sit in my room and watch old vlogbrothers videos than talk to almost anyone at my school
  •  I started seriously playing video games to become closer to my boyfriend. Now it’s just as important to me as it is to him.
  • I had a crush on Sonic’s sidekick, Tails, when I was little. I think it’s strongly effected my taste in men.
  •  I love The Hunger Games, but it should have stayed as a singular book. Catching Fire was okay, but I hated Mockingjay. I get it’s a war, but in the end I couldn’t be bothered to give a damn about ANYONE.

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The backlash of anger received from friends when you tell them you saw the movie before reading the book.

I was eight, what do you want from me?!

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Guys who wear “My name is Inigo Montoya…” shirts without having seen The Princess Bride or knowing who Mandy Patinkin is.

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