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Geek Problem #250

Being a Linux user at home and being so used to it that you have to re-teach yourself how to used Windows for work or school because it legitimately stumps you for a moment.

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Geek Problem #249

When, after years of checking them out of the library, you finally decide to buy your own copies of LOTR, but Barnes and Noble only has The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King. Then they have the nerve to put The Two Towers on the list of things you may also like.

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Geek Problem #248

It makes me really mad when people say they love something only because they find an actor attractive.
One of my friends constantly claims to love the Avengers because of Loki; she has not seen the movie, she has not read the comics, and she doesn’t even know anything about him from the canonical Norse myths. She really only finds Hiddleston attractive and it aggravates me.

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Geek problem submitted by anonymous.

Geek problem submitted by anonymous.

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asparagusandkumquats’ geek problem

Someone mentions something about a fandom you’re in and you excitedly try to talk to them about it, but then they tell you they’ve seen one show/read part of a book. 

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Internet Explorer

When you legitimately don’t know what to do when you find a computer with Internet Explorer. 

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May the force live long and prosper.

During the student council elections this previous year, there was a campaign poster at my school with the picture of a candidate flashing the Vulcan salute, and under the picture read “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”.

I still don’t know if it was done in irony. It was taken down shortly after I first saw it, so that makes me think that someone who cared must have tried to shield her from the shame she’d caused herself.

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