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The Reichenbach Virus: A Brief Guide

Symptoms include, but are not limited to: emotional tenderness, gross sobbing, reflexive blogging, and mild hysteria. Afflicted persons may utter the curses “Moffat” or “Gatiss” as a knee-jerk reaction to tragic feelings.

Those subjected to the virus may write long theoretical essays to cope with their affliction. Don’t be alarmed. This is normal.

This is the first strand of the virus in over one-hundred years. Please proceed with caution. There is no cure for the Reichenbach virus except for the canonical return of Sherlock Holmes to 221B Baker Street, but offering afflicted persons jam, cream tea, and cuddly jumpers may alleviate the worst of the symptoms for a short time.

As the cure remains to be seen, teasingly referring to this illness as “The Reichenbach Feels” is not advisable.

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