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Geek Problem #249

When, after years of checking them out of the library, you finally decide to buy your own copies of LOTR, but Barnes and Noble only has The Fellowship of the Ring and The Return of the King. Then they have the nerve to put The Two Towers on the list of things you may also like.

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geek confessions I

I like Wolverine the most out of any of the X-men not because he’s the coolest, but because he’s Canadian and I can relate to that.
I can’t stand math, physics and science.
I want my friends to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock, but when I introduced them to it I just thought “Oh god, what have I done?”
I hate Homestuck.
a conversation about Torchwood and Doctor Who was probably the longest conversation I’v had with my sister in years
I hated the Hunger Games books. Good concept, incredibly poor execution.
There are days when I hate the people around me because they are boring and do not understand what I do. I’d rather be online all day.
I feel bad because i’m not a huge fan of River Song or Amy Pond. (River was amazing when she first appeared, but as time progressed, she just got on my nerves. I guess that’s the point if her story arc, but still) i’ve TRIED to love them, but I just, can’t.
I have never watched Star Trek and probably not going to. Also I have never watched Stargate. And I’m not a fan of comic books.

The entire time I was reading the hunger games, all I could think was that they’re a watered down version of 1984 and I was really disappointed.
English not being my mother tongue, it actually bothers me I have no idea how all these Pokémon are called in English.
I’m a Whovian who’s never watched Star Trek, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings films or read the books.
I’m obsessed with zeppelins and alternate realities, and I get way too excited when they get mixed together (tv shows, movies, books).
I think that River Song is a very unnecessary character and she’s not as much a badass as most people would like to say she is.
I’ve turned my friend into a Whovian, so I have a reason why I always tell her stuff about Doctor Who.

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